Taylor & Boyd is very pleased to announce that Collette Campbell our Financial Manager, has been promoted to the position of Financial Associate. We believe that this further strengthening of our group of managers will help us to navigate Taylor & Boyd through to the end of the pandemic and will drive our practice to prosperous times in the future.

Rathlin West Light Seabird Centre


Cliffs on Rathlin rise to 500’ in places and the “Upside-Down Lighthouse” is built into the island’s rock on a ledge two-thirds of the height above sea level. The Visitor Centre was created above this, perched on the edge, at the top.

There were many challenges for design and construction relating to transport logistics, weather, health & safety, heritage and, of course, sustainability – the colony of 250,000 birds that return to breed each year being one of the largest in the UK and Ireland.    (Image by Google)

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