Taylor & Boyd is very pleased to announce that Collette Campbell our Financial Manager, has been promoted to the position of Financial Associate. We believe that this further strengthening of our group of managers will help us to navigate Taylor & Boyd through to the end of the pandemic and will drive our practice to prosperous times in the future.

Information Technology

Taylor & Boyd invests in up-to-date Information Technology that is appropriate for design, communication and record-keeping; hardware and software promote efficiency among members of our own staff and among within the integrated project teams to which we contribute. Our Belfast and Derry offices are fully networked and all members of staff have direct access to these resources.

Almost all of Taylor & Boyd’s drawing work is produced using combinations of AutoCAD, RC CADS, REVIT and BIM. Our technicians are fully trained and proficient in the use of AutoCAD software. Our engineers use the latest CADS and SCIA suite of design packages which are networked and available at every work station. We have also installed several REVIT Structural detailing packages which models an entire building for all possible loading conditions including stability and can output quantities for steelwork, concrete and reinforcement. In addition, our civil engineering section uses the PDS Ground Modelling package to analyse each site and produce ground models showing cut and fill; embankments; road long sections etc. Auto-track software models roadways and identifies access restrictions for delivery and other large vehicles.

An up-to-date list of our hardware and software is available upon request.

Taylor & Boyd LLP is a registered partnership in Northern Ireland.
Registration number NILLP25.
Registered address: 107 Malone Avenue | Belfast | BT9 6EQ
Taylor & Boyd LLP Belfast and Derry Offices are SGS Certified
Taylor & Boyd LLP acknowledges the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the Human
Trafficking and Exploitation (Criminal Justice and Support for Victims) Act (Northern Ireland)
2015 (c.2(NI)) and is committed to the exclusion of all acts of modern day slavery and human
trafficking within its business and associated supply chains.

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